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Who We are

Trident RMC Puerto Rico, or Trident Recruitment, Management & Consulting, LLC is a boutique, full-service management and consulting company that specializes in assisting our partners with expanding their business through economic development tax programs in Puerto Rico.

When Trident RMC was established in 2014, the organization’s founding members conducted a study to evaluate where it could best thrive and grow. The founders of Trident RMC partnered with the government of Puerto Rico and went on to become one of the first participants of the Act 20 tax incentive grant program.

Puerto Rico is undergoing a pivotal moment in its history and Act 20 companies, like ourselves, are in a unique position to provide sure footing, innovative ideas, new and profitable business initiatives, and much needed employment opportunities.

How we do it

Trident RMC utilizes the aggressive tax incentives programs designed by the government of PR to attract business to the island of Puerto Rico to help these business that qualify move their operations, or part of their operations to the Island, where, using these incentives, the companies can flurish.

The incentives offer highly attractive packages that include a fixed corporate income tax rate – one of the lowest in comparison with any U.S. jurisdiction, various tax exemptions, and special deductions, training expenses reimbursement and special tax treatment for pioneer activities.

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Simpler with Trident RMC

Trident RMC stands ready to provide hands-on consulting services to get you started the right way, we can provide recruitment of necessary and qualified personnel, and/or manage your operations on the island. Our professionals will provide our services as a business-specific turn-key solution that will allow your organization to hit the ground running and achieve profitability faster.

Pro Puerto Rico

Yes, we are a “for profit” organization. However, by helping different organizations take advantage of Puerto Rico’s tax incentive laws we are also helping the local economy. We provide new employment opportunities, new business options, and other types of opportunities.

We also give back to the island. We are very pro Puerto Rico here. Our employees volunteer for community service monthly, we have in-house programs to stimulate local economic growth, we will soon begin our "Adopt a small business" program (Stay tuned to our blog and social media for that), among other in-house initiatives.

At Trident RMC Puerto Rico we believe in the future of the island.

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