4 Entrepreneurs Empowering Agriculture in Puerto Rico

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Agriculture is creating a positive effect on the Puerto Rican economy. Agriculture is creating a positive effect on the Puerto Rican economy.

The agriculture community is making headlines in Puerto Rico.  From all over the island people are finding ways to use their resources and empower the renaissance of an agriculture economy. Evidence shows that the past five years have proven to be a success thanks to entrepreneurs who are betting on fertile land to positively change the future.  

Meet four of them: 

Rebecca Atienza

Former pharmaceutical employee, Rebecca Atienza took a chance on a four-generation coffee business that her family operated in Jayuya. Today, Rebecca is the owner of 3 coffee shops with locations in Santurce, Miramar and Hato Rey. One of the top coffee farms in the island, Café Hacienda San Pedro exports quality Puerto Rican coffee, acclaimed for the highest standards of quality. 

Duamed Colón 

Founder and CEO of Agrotropical, a  local startup  that applies research and innovation to develop products, high quality seeds and sustainable agriculture systems. Duamed is the scientist behind Agrotropical, which was founded five years ago; today, Colón also oversees research projects in Gurabo as part of his efforts to promote agriculture in Puerto Rico. 

Daniella Rodríguez Besosa

Daniella is part of Siembra Tres Vidas a project that originated in Aibonito and today is a top small ecological farming business in the island. A big part of their mission is to help raise awareness about the importance of the agriculture community for the future of Puerto Rico. They are doing this by eagerly engaging students and schools to participate in agriculture related activities. 

Perla Sofía Curbelo Santiago

Perla is the founder and editor of Agrochic a powerful blog that has been making headlines since 2009. As a writer, entrepreneur and educator, among other things, she has used her platform to spread the message about urban agriculture, gardening and general wellness. Agrochic is an outstanding approach to educate the general public about the benefits and resources related to agriculture. 

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