The Digital Crisis in the Puerto Rican Government

25 May 2017 by 0 Comment News 842 Views

This is the first article in a blog series focused on the necessity of a digital transformation on the local government practices. As an Act 20 company, we want to partner with local initiatives that want to create solutions. We believe in the future of Puerto Rico. Next Tuesday, we are pleased to join Piloto 151 in the forum Dear Fiscal Board  to discuss new possibilities for the island.  

In a world where we handle our lives with the touch of a button, it’s expected of  any government to perceive the use of technology as a priority. Unfortunately, that has not been the case in Puerto Rico.

With a $70 billion debt, we have a government who recently filed for bankruptcy and not only lacks money, but the efficient tools to handle operations with a proper digital strategy.

Puerto Rico needs a transformation; the current status of how services are offered reflects a poor mentality from government officials, regarding the structure of agencies that are supposed to offer efficient results for the general population.

Why is this moment so important?

There’s a state of bankruptcy, budget cuts across all agencies and a fiscal board acting as the main player. The decisions implemented today represent a direct consequence for the future of the island.

No matter from what scope the Puerto Rican economy is viewed, the necessity of a digital government is not negotiable. Resisting to adjust government agencies and practices will simply maintain a never-ending cycle of mediocre operations.

Although money is a common denominator, if it ends up being the only focus the government will fail to meet the real urgency.

The goal should be to work with local and international talent to understand the needs of the local government system. The right answer lies in designing a specific blueprint for the next years with decisions being made with the correct study of data.

The present situation is undeniably a complicated one but it also represents an opportunity to transform our future. 


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