Small Business Friday: EntregaMeds

16 June 2017 by 0 Comment Business 542 Views
EntregaMeds delivers the prescriptions to your office door. EntregaMeds delivers the prescriptions to your office door.

They say that when times get though you must get creative. Today, we share the story of a local entrepreneur who saw an opportunity and decided to take the leap into the small business world.

When Alberto Santiago created EntregaMeds he focused his efforts on creating a platform that could fit the needs of regular employees who were short on time but needed to get their prescriptions.

How it all started? Because he was the first example of a potential customer. “I had the need for a service that could save me time during an ordinary day at work with traffic and diligences,” Alberto said.

With a background in accounting, Santiago had a few steps ahead on the process but he knew that before executing a business plan there was the need to prove that EntregaMeds could fulfill the demand of the market.

First things first, he opened a pharmacy as a way to build the solid foundation that has delivered the startup a successful first year in business.

After an effective beta test, Alberto Santiago is now operating a full prescription delivery service. Because the main purpose of EntregaMeds is to save your time, the process is as simple as downloading the app and uploading your prescription by a picture.

Do you need a box of crayons for your kid’s assignments or perhaps you ran out of milk for the morning coffee? Well, let me just add that you can request about any item to your order on the notes section and it will be delivered to your office door.

When I ask about the next steps for the company he doesn’t hesitate on his answer. “We are going to expand to the United States,” he says with determination.

EntregaMeds is another proof that when there’s a need, a solution (in this case, a new business) is just on the other side of innovation. 


For a full orientation and to download the EntregaMeds app, go visit their official website here

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