Economic Impact of Act 20 in Puerto Rico

07 March 2017 Business

As of November 2016, there were more than four hundred Act 20 decrees approved for operation in Puerto Rico. For a country that has not registered economic growth since 2006, this represents a new chance to recover from a seventy thousand million financial deficit.

How can Tourism Transform the Puerto Rican Economy?

02 March 2017 Business

As other countries like Australia and Costa Rica have used their natural and cultural resources to develop a sustainable tourism program. Puerto Rico is in the perfect moment to embark on a journey towards becoming a destination hub for the Caribbean.

Act 20 Companies, What are They Doing Here?

06 February 2017 Business

During the last two years, much has been written about the Act 20 companies that are established in Puerto Rico. From the asserted notion that they came to save money, to other -not so positive- scenarios related to the financial crisis that Puerto Rico has been facing since the year 2008.

Puerto Rico as a Top Medical Tourism Destination

02 February 2017 Business

What makes Puerto Rico a top medical tourism destination?

When it comes to exploring medical tourism as an option to undergo a procedure or receive treatment, many concerns can come to mind. How will the change of environment benefit you? What factors should you consider when choosing a doctor in another country?

To answer these and many more questions, let’s talk about Puerto Rico as a unique destination for medical tourism.

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