Is Money the Real Reason Puerto Rico is in Crisis?

17 May 2017 News

More than a financial crisis, the Puerto Rican government has an immediate crisis, one that has been a silent killer of the island for many years. The financial crisis is making headlines but there’s a toxic and unfortunate chaos that is being ignored.  The government agencies are operating under a poor, mediocre and inefficient cycle, one that is costing the government more than money.  

How can Tourism Transform the Puerto Rican Economy?

02 March 2017 Business

As other countries like Australia and Costa Rica have used their natural and cultural resources to develop a sustainable tourism program. Puerto Rico is in the perfect moment to embark on a journey towards becoming a destination hub for the Caribbean.

The Visitor's Economy for Puerto Rico

27 February 2017 Business

When people hear the words Caribbean island they transport themselves to an imaginary vacation mode. It seems the thought of turquoise waters and white sand represents an opportunity to get away from the ordinary.

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