How can Tourism Transform the Puerto Rican Economy?

02 March 2017 by 0 Comment Business 463 Views
The visitor's economy represents an area of opportunity for Puerto Rico. The visitor's economy represents an area of opportunity for Puerto Rico.

As other countries like Australia and Costa Rica have used their natural and cultural resources to develop a sustainable tourism program. Puerto Rico is in the perfect moment to embark on a journey towards becoming a destination hub for the Caribbean.

Because of its geographical location, readers might assume that Puerto Rico is already a preferred tourism destination. For the most part, that has some truth to it. But the reality is that, for the past 5 years, the island has been making headlines and not necessarily for the pristine beaches.

Puerto Rico is in the lowest financial point it has ever seen, unbelievably, it is also on the perfect moment to be transformed by the visitor’s economy.

Aside from the different political and historical elements that have prevented the Puerto Rican economy from growing, the tourism in Puerto Rico has not paused evolving and investors have never stopped seeing the island as the preferred opportunity for new ventures in the Caribbean.  


How can the economy be transformed?

With the necessary adjustments, Puerto Rico can develop a strategy to attract the right tourism; even more, make the people that come stay longer. The chain reaction is more than just a direct effect for hotels and restaurants. In the last five years, the local community has noticed the increasing amount of tourists who step away from the beaches and make a point to pursue the local adventures.

Eco friendly guesthouses, boutique hotels at the center of the island and an unstoppable culinary revolution on every corner and for every taste. Those are the things that fit the profile of the new type of traveler, one that is looking for experiences more than just a pretty picture by the ocean. That traveler is the one that Puerto Rico should focus on attracting.


Why focus on tourism?

With the visitor’s economy, the results are visible and the effect is a long term one. Promoting the visitor’s economy is a catalyst for the economy.

Puerto Rico might be under a financial crisis but the tourism is a whole different side of the economic structure. Apart from a Caribbean destination, the island is starting to explore new parameters that place Puerto Rico in the center of the attention, this time for the right reasons. 

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