Is Money the Real Reason Puerto Rico is in Crisis?

17 May 2017 by 0 Comment News 1434 Views
Is Money the Real Reason Puerto Rico is in Crisis? Source: Primera Hora

More than a financial crisis, the Puerto Rican government has an immediate crisis, one that has been a silent killer of the island for many years. The financial crisis is making headlines but there’s a toxic and unfortunate chaos that is being ignored.  The government agencies are operating under a poor, mediocre and inefficient cycle, one that is costing the government more than money.  


If part of the plan to improve the economy is to present the island as an exportation hub and privileged location in the Caribbean, the government has to arrange the pieces first in order to compete with international markets. It is commonly agreed that there is a need for drastic financial cuts and restructuration, but it must be accompanied by a transformation of the old practices that got the island on this position in the first place.   


Establishing direct communication with a government agency is an impossible task. Having an email answered is not something you can count on; let alone a phone call, numbers are not updated and the ones that do ring don’t get answered.


For the last 10 months, I have made the attempt to get ahold of a representative for the Department of Health. Still, no answer. About two weeks ago a local newspaper released an article about medical tourism. The question is, how this government is promoting a medical tourism program without a simple registration form in English, for foreign doctors attempting to receive a medical license in the island. 


The current emphasis is for the government debt to be negotiated. Apart from the financial crisis, what is the government doing to fix the other side of the crisis. The inhibition to establish a real long term vision is indeed costing Puerto Rico more than the actual monetary trouble. 



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