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The Expectations of a Digital Government

15 June 2017 by 0 Comment News 511 Views

“We have it in our power to begin the world again.”

When Tom Loosemore, former deputy director of the UK digital service, stumbled upon this quote many years ago he found a different purpose for what he wanted to do with his life. After working with BBC for 7 years, he took upon the goal of redesigning the digital services for the British government institutions.


The Digital Crisis in the Puerto Rican Government

25 May 2017 by 0 Comment News 843 Views

This is the first article in a blog series focused on the necessity of a digital transformation on the local government practices. As an Act 20 company, we want to partner with local initiatives that want to create solutions. We believe in the future of Puerto Rico. Next Tuesday, we are pleased to join Piloto 151 in the forum Dear Fiscal Board  to discuss new possibilities for the island.  


Is Money the Real Reason Puerto Rico is in Crisis?

17 May 2017 by 0 Comment News 1434 Views

More than a financial crisis, the Puerto Rican government has an immediate crisis, one that has been a silent killer of the island for many years. The financial crisis is making headlines but there’s a toxic and unfortunate chaos that is being ignored.  The government agencies are operating under a poor, mediocre and inefficient cycle, one that is costing the government more than money.  


4 Entrepreneurs Empowering Agriculture in Puerto Rico

11 May 2017 by 0 Comment News 1997 Views

The agriculture community is making headlines in Puerto Rico.  From all over the island people are finding ways to use their resources and empower the renaissance of an agriculture economy. Evidence shows that the past five years have proven to be a success thanks to entrepreneurs who are betting on fertile land to positively change the future.  


The Before and After of Agriculture in Puerto Rico

09 May 2017 by 0 Comment News 638 Views

History shows that Puerto Rico relied on agriculture as the main source of economic income since the Borinquen Indians. Records from a 1935 census have evidence that approximately 246,386 people depended on agriculture for living.

With tropical temperatures and fertile soil, the land was used to produce fruits and vegetables that were exported. About 24,000 pounds of sugar cane were exported to Spain in 1553 and for the year 1939, sugar shipments valued at $53,604,381 were exported to North America.


Parallel 18

16 February 2017 by 1 Comment News 425 Views

Yes, Puerto Rico has become a platform for startups. Yes, we are in the middle of a financial crisis. How did those two things ended up becoming the seed for Parallel 18?

We did our homework and decided to visit the Parallel 18 offices to find out.


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